EMS Is A Field-Proven Marketing Support Force

Eastern Marketing Services and our affiliates have served numerous Fortune 500 firms in the design, development and implementation of a wide variety of incentive programs. We are a coordinated alliance of marketing specialists, structured to assist you with your marketing requirements from concept to fulfillment. We have the professionals to meet the marketing challenges that demand more time and support staff than you have at your disposal. As an extension of your sales or marketing department, we design incentive strategies tailored to your marketing budget and profit goals. The EMS emphasis on individualized programs…long or short range…insures you of the absolute maximum sales and profit return on your marketing investment.

EMS Creates Quality, Cost Effective Incentive Programs

Because profitable marketing is an art as well as a science, the EMS approach is based on innovation…creative ideas…and effective application of field-tested marketing concepts, all carefully oriented to your company sales and profit objectives. Our specialists isolate and elaborate upon concepts that help you market for profit and result in maximum program success.


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